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puniitta lakkhani

Take charge. Overcome heartbreak. Unlock Life.

Divorce Recovery Coach

Mountains in Clouds


India’s First Divorce Recovery Coach
with a Decade of Experience Helping Unique People Re-discover Life.

Heartbreak and divorce can be a devastating experience, leaving you feeling lost and unsure.
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empowerment & Control

With my experience, I can help you take charge of your situation and navigate this challenging time successfully.


I can help you develop inner strength, resilience and a deeper understanding of your triggers, values, and what truly inspires you.


& growth

I will help you rebuild your confidence and develop a growth mindset, allowing you to tackle any challenge and believe in yourself again.



We'll work together to develop a plan for managing your finances, budgeting effectively, and setting goals for your future.



Coaching can help you improve communication skills and build stronger relationships with family, friends, and potential partners.

what you can expect

get ready for love again

Through coaching, you can process past experiences, heal wounds, and prepare yourself for healthy, fulfilling relationships in the future.

social reconnection

You don't have to face this alone. I can help you rebuild your social life and connect with supportive people.

improved wellbeing

We'll address the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of healing, fostering a sense of overall well-being.

identity & self worth

My coaching can help you rediscover your identity, regain self-esteem, and build self-respect.

The divorce recovery ecosystem you get access to


financial guidance


trusted professionals


communication guidance


co-parenting tools


emotional support

i'll help you


future ready

My goal is to empower you to not only heal emotionally but also to emerge from divorce stronger, more resilient, and ready to create a fulfilling future.


access to resources

I will provide actionable steps, resources and referrals for lawyers, financial advisors, and other professionals to help with legal and financial aspects of a divorce.


process feelings

I’ll address the emotional toll of ending a marriage while also providing a safe space to process your feelings.


practical guidance

I’ll provide emotional support and practical guidance to navigate the legal and logistical complexities of divorce.


reclaim life

In addition, I’ll also provide practical tools for communication, co-parenting (if applicable), and rebuilding your life after divorce.

i'll help you


moving on

My goal is to help you find peace and acceptance, and eventually move forward with happiness and gratitude.


emotional support

I’ll provide a safe space for emotional support and grief processing.


healthy healing

We'll explore healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with anger, sadness, and other difficult emotions.


stress management

You'll learn techniques for managing stress, anxiety, and depression that arise from loss.


love again

I will personally help you heal, rediscover yourself, learn to have fun again meeting new people and enjoy dating.

I PROVIDE the tools and support you need to heal, recover and thrive again.


"She brings immense clarity in our discussions and gives me new perspectives to lead a better life. I have learnt to be emotionally and mentally strong with her. I have learned to live authentically and courageously with her."

Dr. Manika JINDAL mittel


HOW I became modern meerabai

My world shattered after a 6-year marriage with the love of my life, ended in a divorce. I spent 3.5 years combating this brutal divorce. Devastated and lost, I was battling depression, self-doubt, and the fear of rejection. I was lost and doubted myself at every step, all while experiencing loneliness for what felt like an eternity, 8 years. Through this experience I found courage within myself. I discovered what I’m truly capable of. Who I really am. I found my light and snatched my life back, taking control again.


Today, I am Modern Meerabai, inspired by the historical Rajput Princess, known for her unshakeable courage, faith in herself, and resilience in tough times. A support system for those experiencing the pain of divorce and heartbreak. Having experienced it myself, I understand the pain and misery too well. The confusion, shock, fear, uncertainty, and loss of control over life. 


My mission is to empower you to find your inner strength, reclaim your confidence, and rediscover yourself. You deserve a fulfilling life and you are not alone. There's strength within you, and I’m here to help you find it.

you are stronger than you think.
People care about you.
I care about you.

A Breakup/Divorce is a Major Life Change:

It's natural to feel overwhelmed by the legal aspects, emotional turmoil, and practicalities of restructuring your life. This is a significant change, and it's okay to acknowledge the enormity of it.

Everyone Reacts Differently:

There's no "right" way to feel during divorce. Some people might experience anger, others sadness, and some might feel a combination of emotions. All of your emotions are valid.

Support Makes a Big Difference:

Going through this challenging time alone can make it much harder.  Having a support system, whether it's friends, family, a therapist, or a divorce coach, can make a world of difference.

I Can Help You Navigate This:

By seeking support, you're taking a positive step towards healing and rebuilding your life. I can provide guidance, tools, and a safe space to process your emotions and develop a plan for moving forward.

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