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 My life purpose is to empower people like you, who are going through their divorce and separation to restart their life on a courageous strong foot and reclaim their happiness and respect.

Modern Meerabai Movement is here to enable 1 million ambitious men/women like you to reclaim their happiness by prioritizing themselves, taking all-around ownership of their life, the earliest possible, and become resilient inside out. 

The Modern Meerabai movement is here to normalize Divorces in society. Let's focus on healing the person than worrying about society.

If you are going through your Divorce and unsure of what lies ahead, whom to consult, and how to deal with your fears, you can book a free Ice-Breaker call with Punita, right away!

Modern Meerabai


As your Divorce Recovery Coach, I provide comprehensive services to guide and support you and your family in overcoming the particular challenges you face during your divorce and separation, the critical life stage that can make or break a person.

Since 2015, I’ve been a trusted partner for my clients in order to help them reclaim their happiness and respect back. To know how to restart your life on a courageous foot, get in touch and learn more about my personalized approach.

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Modern Meerabai


Punita, Thank you so much for helping me through this turbulent phase of my life. My sessions with you made me process my pain as well as realize the importance of getting hold of my life. You know I've begun to smile once again.

Thank You! God Bless!

Client name: Confidential

Modern Meerabai


Thank you so much Punita, for the amazing session I had with you.

You have helped me a lot emotionally as well as personally.

I cannot thank you enough to help me overcome my fears and insecurity. I am glad I found your page on Instagram.

Client name: Confidential

Modern Meerabai

Client name: Confidential


HI Punita Ma'am, I felt really nice sharing my pain and problems with you. Now I am able to understand my capabilities and move forward with more courage and hope. As you said, focusing towards me, is the key to live the life ahead and I definitely will go for it. Thankyou so much for your support and motivation.

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