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You gotta get dirty first to come out clean.

"OMG Nice!"

Those were the first words my date said when I shared this pic with him.

Why am I sharing it with you??

Here is the analogy, and the perspective I want to leave you with ...

Ladies, when you go for a facial/cleanup, you need to get dirty first before you can rise beautiful.


Similarly, in life, we need to become vulnerable, accept our weaknesses, experience betrayal, fall a few times, be left broken, pain-staggered ...

BEFORE we can rise Stronger, more Confident, Courageous, Resilient, Powerful, Happy, Joyous, Relentless, and Beautiful inside-out as a #Pheonix

How many of you understand what I am saying?? Drop a ❤️ below.

It's not just your outer beauty, but your inner beauty, your inner wisdom, your resilience, your courage, and your self-respect that attracts people to you.

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