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I am Unstoppable today!

It was an emotional moment for me to take the Keys to my new home last week.

This home is my BIRTHDAY GIFT to myself.

I promised myself a home 10 years back when I was thrown out of my home at midnight. ( not sure now if I can call it "my home")

Shattered, broken, and crying in the dark outside McDonald's restaurant in Ghatkopar-Mumbai, I promised myself a home where nobody would be asking me to leave.

With just Rs 800/- in my bank account, and no place to go that night, this dream seemed impossible.

As the night grew darker, the dogs got more active, the streets filled with not-so-good people, and the traffic became less dense... I started to realize how BLESSED I had been all these years to have a roof above my head, a bed to sleep in, and the walls & a blanket to cover me.

I was missing the comfort of my home, weeping in anxiety, and equally filled in GRATITUDE of how blessed I've been all these years without realizing it.

Fast forward to today. It's been 10 years of hard work and perseverance and drive to live up to my promise to myself.

NOBODY else could have inspired me more than my commitment to myself.

I hold the keys to my own home and I feel SUPER PROUD of myself.

Each one of us has that power within us to ACHIEVE OUR DREAMS, to make them into reality.

I have walked this path for myself and I can show you the light if you are committed to your success equally.

Let there be LIGHT.

Let there be HEALING.

Let there be PASSION.

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