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Divorce Process in India

The journey of a #PublicSpeaker

The journey of a #MotivationalSpeaker

The divorce process in India is a long drawn one. it takes anywhere between two to five years for people to contest their way out on an average.

While divorce with mutual consent may save these golden prime youth years for someone, it's difficult after all to arrive at mutual consent in the first place. Isn't it??

The divorce rate in India rising over the years, especially during and after the pandemic, is a reality check for all the broken marriages and relationships which people were bearing all this while, yet avoiding confronting it. Staying under a roof the whole day with a person with whom you do not share a good report, can become toxic to your mental health.

That is precisely what triggered a lot of couples to take the leap of faith in prioritizing themselves over their broken relationship.

While it may be the right step to take in certain given situations, did I say it was easy?? If it was, everybody would take it. Isn't it?

The emotional pain and trauma a person goes through during this entire phase of their divorce process leaves them shattered and broken to the core. It becomes difficult for them to take those critical major decisions in their life in that weak emotional state. Yes if you are mentally prepared for it, things become much easier. That is where a Divorce Recovery Coach can show you the way.

Another fear that a lot of people go through when considering a divorce is the fear of being left alone. This is only partially true as the bigger reality is the ever-rising divorce matrimony in India.

A lot of popular matrimonial sites have also started their divorce matrimonial services as well.

This experience of a broken relationship can make you bitter or better for your next relationship.

The choice is yours.

The mindset that makes that choice is coachable, trainable if you are willing to put that effort into yourself.

To know more about starting life after divorce, reach out to me on +91 7042126333 or

Thank you @literoma2020 for felicitating me with the honorable Rabindra Nath Tagore award.

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