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Divorce is just a diversion, not the end of the road.

Happy to share I received the prestigious Rabindra Nath Tagore award today for my social work for #ModernMeerabai as a woman achiever.

Working with people who are going through their divorce, separation, relationship stress, emotional stress, and mental anxiety, I have learned one thing..... a lot of fears that we hold about relationships, ourselves, and society are nothing but mere thoughts that are created in our mind. After repeated occurrences, these thoughts create deep neural pathways and we start thinking of them as true, as reality, and make our lives a living hell.

A divorce is just another life incidence that to some extent is out of our control. Simply put, a divorce is a respectable decision two people make that they cannot live together anymore. We make this whole affair such a social phenomenon that it loses sight of the two people who ultimately will be living it.

The same is the case with marriages in our culture.

We focus on all sorts of the wrong things that should be and should not be present in the groom, the bride, the family, and the celebration. We fail to focus on the core, the sanctity of this phenomenon of two people coming together for life.

What needs to match between a couple are their values, their beliefs, and their idea of living a life together. The discussions should be around aspirations and dreams, behaviors, financial values, health values, intimacy values, family planning etc

While we end up discussing past relationships, current job status, earnings, types of car they own, the friend circle they sit in, and the family status they carry.

Once all the drama dies away, it's the two people left to live it all together. When they have not spoken about the little differences in their values and beliefs, that's where all the disturbance begins.

Between two people's ways of living, no one person is right and the other is wrong. It just means they are two different people brought up in different circumstances and life conditions and thus their beliefs are formed. This needs to be understood at a much deeper level to resolve matrimonial issues, and relationship stress, resulting in divorces and short-lived marriages.

Thank you so much for your constant support and encouragement all this while.

The spark which was within.. is visible to the world outside.

If you know someone going through relationship stress, the same person coming to your mind while you are reading this post... then BE KIND and share this post link with them.

They need your help.


India's first #DivorceRecoveryCoach

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